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Einstein a Go Go features a rotating combination of the following science presenters:



DrShaneDr. Shane is currently the Principal Strategy Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor of The University of Melbourne, Prof. Glyn Davis. He also holds an adjunct research position within the School of Physics at the University of Melbourne. He is a Founder and Director of The Innovation Group Pty Ltd, a scientific equipment supplier that represents six international technology companies in Australia and New Zealand. Shane has a PhD in Physics, with a specialty in Photonics and Imaging and has published more than 60 refereed journal papers.

eagg-andi-thumbDr. AndiDr. Andi – Dr Andi is a curator, broadcaster, podcaster, public speaker and science communicator extraordinaire. More info coming soon!!

Krystal Evans, Infection and Immunity -  Schofield Lab  job no: 100567Dr KrystalDr. Krystal is a biomedical scientist working on developing new malaria vaccines. She has a love/hate relationship with her pathogens as she spends most of her day working toward eliminating her own area of interest. She is a tragic Nick Cave fan and has recently developed an interest in indie-folk music

eagg-mouse-thumbDr. (Danger Mouse) DaveDr. (Danger Mouse) Dave – Danger Mouse (also your webmaster) was a university research scientist until switching to a government scientist position. He has a background in genetics and neurobiology. When not in the lab DM can likely be found riding a bike somewhere around Melbourne.

eagg-chriskp-thumbChris KPChris KP – By day Chris KP is a respected science educator/communicator. By night (or whenever he can get away with it) he is one of Australia’s premier science performers, with credits including ‘Pre-Coital’, ‘Dante’s Laboratory’, ‘Somnium’ and ‘Great Big Science Gig’. See more at

eagg-fi-thumbDr. FifiDr. Fifi is a government research scientist and really enjoys spending your taxes in the lab. She satisfies her love for all things chemistry and physics in her work as a surface scientist and spectroscopist. Fiona appears part-time on the show and also assists with podcasting.



Dr. Adam cut his teeth in genetics and neurobiology on a gene called stoned (how could you resist that one?) before moving onto insecticide resistance mechanisms, gene silencing and even a stint into GM plants at Bio21. He has worked with several companies to help bring new technology to market, but is happiest hunting for early 1900s quackery in junk shops and getting out for a peddle on a rail trail.

jen-and-green-crop-50pxlsDr. Jen studies the sex life of possums among other ecological and zoological questions and lectures in the Zoology Department at Melbourne Uni. She also teaches communication skills to undergraduate science and engineering students at Melbourne uni. Jen works part-time and can otherwise be found “studying” dinosaurs with her 3-year old son.



Dr Chromo got his name from his research subject – chromosomes, or more precisely epigenetics – the chemical tags on your chromosomes that turn your genes on and off. He once brought sausages to an outside Broadcast to show what chromosomes look like. Dr Chromo appears on air at irregular intervals usually wearing one of his many science-related t-shirts.




Dr JenniferDr Jennifer is our New York correspondent. After receiving her PhD in plant molecular biology from the University of Melbourne, she worked as an Editor at CSIRO Publishing before moving to New York. She is currently the Director of Life Sciences at the New York Academy of Sciences where she organizes over 40 symposia each year under the auspices of the Academy’s Frontiers of Science program.

eagg-ray-thumbDr. Ray

Dr. Liss
The podcast team:

The wonderful team who podcast the show are Bernard, Annabel, Thomas, Lou and Fi